Area Lakes and Rivers

Lake Isabella

patrickLocated in the Weidman area, Lake Isabella offers an 800 Acre large All-Sports Lake. Lake Isabella has become it's own Village in recent years. It offers great fun for skiing, boating, swimming and many other water activities. It is the home of The Pines Championship Golf Course located on the shores of Lake Isabella and the Chippewa River.

Lake Isabella is a great place for fishing as well. Championship Bass fishing tournaments are held here in the summer, and ice fishing is popular as well.

Along with all the water and sports related activities, Lake Isabella also offers a nice Private Airstrip.

The homes at Lake Isabella are some of the most beautiful in the area. For a permanent residence or a weekend retreat, you'll love Lake Isabella and the many things that the area offers.

Private Lakes

TonyaThere are many Private Lakes in the area, some include Lake of the Hills, Lake Weidman, Lake Windoga, Lake Manitonka, Perch Lake, Scott Lake, and Lost Lake.

Lake Ojibwa Recreational area has two small interconnected fishing lakes, Lake Windoga and Lake Manitonka.

These are small No-Wake Lakes allowing only small boats and motors. They are mainly used for their views and quiet fishing. They are usually popular to wildlife such as geese, ducks, swans, small animals, deer, and birds.

If you like the quiet atmosphere that a small private lake offers, then one of these lakes would be perfect for you and your family.

Coldwater Lake

TonyaColdwater Lake is a 295 Acre All Purpose Lake. It is enjoyed by those who like to ski, swim, and fish. Largemouth Bass and Northern Pike make for the best fishing here.

Coldwater Lake features a small public campground and beach for visitors to enjoy. Nearby is a little party store / gas station that offers tasty pizza, sandwiches, drinks, and many other supplies.

There is also a campground for those who would like the great outdoors. Nice camping spots and access to the lake.

Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall activities are all available here at Coldwater Lake.

Littlefield Lake

TonyaLittlefield Lake is North of Lake Windoga, it is a 183 Acre Lake. They say that Blue Gill and Largemouth Bass offer the best fishing here.

The lake is nestled in the beautiful wooded countryside. Some homes are lived in year round, and others are used as vacation get-aways.

There is a small Public Access site for fishing boats to launch from. Littlefield Lake is a popular All Sports Lake used for water skiing, swimming, boating, recreation, ice fishing, ... all types of water fun is available for your whole family.

There are various small lakes which are connected to Littlefield Lake by channels, streams, and rivers.

Chippewa & Coldwater Rivers

TonyaRivers and streams wind throughout the area. They are enjoyed for their many recreational opportunities. The two major rivers are the Chippewa River and the Coldwater River. The Chippewa River winds through beautiful country and into Lake Isabella, the Coldwater River is not far from the Chippewa, it runs into private Lake Weidman then south through all purpose Coldwater Lake.

These rivers offer excellent fishing and canoeing fun. Homes are dotted along their wooded banks, and families find great enjoyment watching the seasons change and seeing the wild life that has made the river's area their home.

The Martiny Chain of Lakes

TonyaThe Martiny Chain of Lakes is located in Mecosta County. It's about 6 miles North of Mecosta and Remus, or 4 miles West of Barryton, or 12 miles East of Big Rapids.

There are over 2600 acres of water here for you to enjoy! One of the area's most popular vacation spots is Tubbs Lake & Haymarsh State Forest Campgrounds. The primitive campgrounds are perched on the edge of state game areas and flooding projects in the county provide hunting and fishing opportunities to the sports enthusiast.

Owning a property on the Martiny Chain of Lakes offers exciting possibilities for all types of water related fun.